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Daniel Department Store
Windsor, Berkshire
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Carter Jonas transformed the landmark Daniel Department Store building in Windsor.

Daniel Department Store, at the heart of Windsor, is part of a family-run business, which began in 1901. The store in Peascod Street is an important building within the Windsor Town Centre Conservation Area and was in need of modernisation, to include a new façade and additional retail space. Carter Jonas’ Planning team worked to successfully achieve planning consent.

The first phase of the work involved the demolition of retail units adjacent to the store, while a temporary unit was put up to allow access during construction. The next phase involved the demolition of the whole street-facing façade and part of the interior, and the construction of a new façade and new front half of the store to maximise retail space. The redevelopment will improve both the architectural and functional aspects of the store and produce a high quality contemporary building for Daniel Department Store to thrive in the 21st Century.