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Carter Jonas’s Northern Planning and Development Team is instructed to promote over 100 acres of land for residential development through the local plan process, as the largest single-use allocation in the plan. The site is capable of delivering between 750 and 850 dwellings. Working with the Local Planning Authority, the site is a preferred option identified by the Council to deliver housing of up to 120 units in the early phases of their Local Plan.

Land at Windmill Farm has been identified as a potential location for growth by Carter Jonas’s Northern Planning and Development Team and promoted through the development plan process. In summer 2016, the site emerged as the largest single-use allocation proposal in the draft Local Plan. Since then the team has secured the interest of third party landowners to deliver a larger site area and a range of options for associated highway improvements.

In promoting the site, a full multidisciplinary team has been assembled to work with the Borough Council to address specific issues across the site including landscape, drainage, ecology, highways, and design. Early activity has included supporting bids to the National Productivity Infrastructure Fund (NPIF) to forward fund improvements to the local road infrastructure to increase road capacity and improve road safety. NPIF is available for infrastructure improvements which unlock job creation opportunities, and enable delivery of vital new housing.

In delivering new housing, discussions with the council have agreed for early phasing of the development to facilitate their delivery of new homes, to contribute to the council’s land supply for housing. In doing so, the planning team has progressed with an EIA screening request for the development of the entire site, albeit delivered in phases over the plan period to 2035.

Alongside this, the Development Team has prepared a marketing package to take the site to market over the summer with the view to selecting a developer and an appropriate agreement to take the site forward to formal planning application and the latter stages of the development plan process through to adoption.