Serviced office space

Office space requirements have evolved greatly over recent years, with many companies of differing sizes finding their needs are no longer met by traditional workspaces. The need for adaptable office space, flexible terms and hot desking has become more commonplace, which has led to an increase in businesses searching for alternative accommodation and desks to rent.

Serviced offices offer clients a different approach to office space, and can often supply flexible rental terms, increased availability, and adaptable workspaces to suit your needs. We’ve partnered with OfficeFreedom – the world’s largest marketplace for offices – to provide you with a selection of over 15,000 offices worldwide so you can find your perfect work environment.

What are the pros and cons of serviced and co-working office space?

The key advantages of serviced and co-working office space are that it is “cash-flow friendly” and offers a high degree of lease flexibility – enabling a relocation to more permanent accommodation to be effected at short notice. In detail, serviced and coworking offices offer the following advantages:

  • Fully furnished offices: ready fitted out with data / telecoms infrastructure and furniture – therefore little or no capital expenditure
  • Enables the level of working capital available for investment in the business to be maximised
  • Cashflow-friendly
  • Increased and accessible availability: a quick, plug in and go, accommodation solution
  • Addresses in central business districts
  • Typically no dilapidations / repairing / exit costs – a contribution to which is usually reflected in the rent payable
  • Short form service agreement that can be issued and signed within a matter of hours – no complicated, lengthy, real estate lease requiring the advice of a real estate lawyer
  • Flexible leases: the ability to expand and contract quickly in response to changes in market conditions
  • No stamp duty land tax payable on the grant of the service agreement

However, serviced / co-working office space is not suitable for all businesses, especially those that require a high degree of data security such as private client wealth managers and law firms, or those businesses that wish to stamp their own brand on their office space.

Why OfficeFreedom?

OfficeFreedom is the world's largest marketplace for offices and has helped over 38,000 clients (and counting) to find the right office for them. They are pioneers in flexible workspaces, and have been offering coworking office space brokerage since 1993. With over 15,000 offices to choose from and expert advice at every stage of the office search and procurement process, why not let them help find your next workspace.

Serviced office space

If you are looking for a flexible solution, we can help you find the best workspace to suit your needs.

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