Martlesham Heath Masterplan Suffolk Police Headquarters, Martlesham Heath
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Suffolk Police Headquarters, Martlesham Heath
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The Suffolk Police Headquarters was a purpose-built campus dating back to the 1980s developed on land acquired from the Bradford Trust, the developers of the low-density Martlesham Heath Village immediately to its south.

Despite being located on the site of Martlesham Heath Airfield, the area today is well-vegetated from a mixture of planting and natural regeneration.

Martlesham Heath

Martlesham Heath

After the authority’s review of its requirements a Police Investigation Centre was located on 1.5 hectares of land to the east of its main campus. Following this we were commissioned to investigate the capacity of the remaining 10.5 ha. site, should the Constabulary be relocated elsewhere. The secure site falls into 3 parts: the main orthogonal campus in the east; a central recreational open space area; and an area of woodland and scrub in the west. All parts are relatively well screened by tree and shrub planting.

  • A masterplan was developed which:
  • Achieves between 225 and 250 dwellings at variable densities
  • Develops a range of 1 to 5 bedroom units of which 33% are affordable
  • Retains important trees and open spaces
  • Protects and enhances areas of wildlife interest