A bespoke Farm & Estate Management Terrier would allow you to combine all the data held in spreadsheets into a single visual database, simplified into three layers.

Designed by estate managers for estate managers, it will make managing your estate easier and more efficient, as well as highlighting new opportunities to save or generate money. 

Our Farm & Estate Management Terrier is a bespoke platform for your farm or estate business that records the status and required actions on all elements. 

This facilitates:  
  • Business continuity 
  • Knowledge transfer 
  • On the go access 
  • Real time communication 
  • Shared understanding, facilitating collaboration 
  • New opportunities highlighted 

Efficient rural estate management: advantages of our Farm & Estate Management Terrier

Real time updates and mobile access mean that a number of users can be seeing the same, up to date information at the same time, from different places - estate owner, land agent, farm manager, accountant, contractor, etc. 

Combining all the information in the same platform means that new opportunities are more easily spotted - housing development, renewables, diversification and suitability for subsidy schemes. You can also use the platform to lay out ‘what if’ scenarios. 

Ensure that no information is lost when members of the team are away from work, or if they leave – a complete database ensures business continuity and knowledge transfer. 

Rural estate management data: what is shown on our Farm & Estate Management Terrier? 

Each terrier is bespoke to the farm or estate client, but the data included can include the following:


  • In-hand and tenant farming 
  • Forestry 
  • Residential 
  • Commercial 
  • Leisure and sporting 
  • Renewables 
  • Biodiversity 

Asset ownership  

  • Freehold 
  • Sporting rights 
  • Minerals 
  • Development 
  • Natural capital


  • Heritage 
  • Environmental schemes 
  • Maintenance and inspections 
  • Neighbour matters 
  • Rights of way and easements 
For more information, contact: 
Simon Nigh, Head of Geospatial & Mapping 
simon.nigh@carterjonas.co.uk | 07920 207297 
Mark Charter, Head of Estate Management 
mark.charter@carterjonas.co.uk | 07775 562067 
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Alex is an Associate within the Infrastructure Division at Carter Jonas and manager of a GIS Production Team of four experienced technicians. Alex has extensive geospatial data management and analysis knowledge with a strong consultancy skill set. He is very proficient in using and applying several important GIS Datasets: HM Land Registry. Ordnance Survey, DEFRA, ONS, CENSUS, etc. He is also experienced in using Online GIS to deliver bespoke GIS Applications and Dashboards.
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I can provide advice on:

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