Digital twins use the latest 3D mapping technology to create a model of a physical asset, from a single floor in an office to multiple properties in a portfolio or a rural estate.

The asset or property information is then added to each individual room or component to allow the user to access all the key information about the asset with the click of a button – whether this the latest rental figures for the property, or when a fire extinguisher was last checked.

Digital twins are connected

However, a digital twin is not a true digital twin unless it is connected to the real world by live data. Whether that is a building management system feeding in electricity usage, heat and humidity sensors monitoring the climate, or indoor positioning systems monitoring space utilisation, the latest ‘Internet of Things’ technology feeds this information in, allowing you to view live and historic data to get a true understanding of the performance of your property.

Uses for digital twins

The digital twin enables you to:

  • Understand how a building is being utilised and make better use of the space you have 
  • Monitor the energy consumption of your building(s) with sustainability dashboards 
  • Visualise all the asset information, including related documents, at the click of a button 
  • Connect with other property information such as rent and arrears, compliance due dates 

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