Do you have an interest in land within Portsmouth?
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Jul 05 2024
Planning & development

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Peter Canavan
Partner, Planning & Development
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Steven Sensecall
Partner, Planning & Development
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Peter is an Associate Partner within our Oxford office. He has worked in public sector planning for a number of years and has been involved in the preparation, scrutiny and adoption of Local Plans, the consideration of planning applications and acted as expert witness in appeals. Since joining Carter Jonas, Peter has represented a variety of clients (including large scale developers, universities and public sector bodies) at Development Control Order (DCO) hearings, planning appeal inquiries and Local Plan Examinations in Public.

Portsmouth City Council are preparing the ‘Portsmouth Local Plan’ – a new Local Plan which when adopted will replace the Council’s current adopted development plan. The Portsmouth Local Plan will provide guidance for development for the next two decades up to 2040.  

Portsmouth City Council have conducted the following public consultations to date: 

 Issues and Options consultation (Regulation 18)   July 2017 
 Evidence Base Consultation (Regulation 18)  February 2019
 Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18)   September 2021
Proposed Local Plan for submission (Regulation 19)  Live


The Council will publish its ‘Pre-Submission Plan’ for comments on Tuesday 9th July along with a Policies Map, sustainability assessment, habitat regulations assessment, and a suite of background evidence papers.  

This Regulation 19 consultation presents a final opportunity to comment on the proposed spatial strategy, strategic policies and development management policies – including those related to housing requirements, climate change and the allocated strategic sites – before it is submitted for Examination  

Once open, the consultation will close for submissions on Tuesday 3 September
There are limited opportunities left to shape and realise the development potential of your land in Portsmouth. If you would like to speak to our professionals about the potential of your land, please contact: 

Peter Canavan MRTPI 
Partner, Planning 
07826 890806

James Cordery MRICS 
Partner, Development 
07780 667005 
Steven Sensecall MRTPI 
Partner, Head of Planning 
South & South West 
07970 796762 
James Bainbridge FRICS 
Chairman, Development 
South & South West 
07887 834070