Offices Meet Andover's Shortage
Date of Article
Aug 18 2009

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There’s a shortage of high quality modern office space around the Andover area, according to Carter Jonas' Commercial Property Team based in Andover.

However, businesses looking for single large blocks, or smaller divisions of larger, purpose built space, might well find a solution in Kingsgate House in Newbury Road or Eagle House at West Portway.

Kingsgate House

“While Andover has a generous amount of industrial buildings, modern offices for firms needing no manufacturing or storage space are few and far between,” explains David Smith, Senior Partner at Carter Jonas.

“Small office suites, often on the upper floors of older buildings, can be found around the town centre but larger units in modern buildings are more difficult to source, although both Kingsgate House and Eagle House can now fulfil those needs.

“We have already part-let Eagle House but there is still one floor of the two storey building available, with parking, and the accommodation can be sub-divided.

“The beauty of Eagle House is that it’s within a stone’s throw of the A303 so it is well connected to the major road network.

“Kingsgate House is altogether larger but its position on Newbury Road is close to Andover’s ring road, so again there’s easy access to major routes.

“It’s a prestigious three storey office building that would lend itself very easily to the role of a flagship headquarters or regional offices for a business.

“The layout in separate north, south, and west wings also makes division viable without lessening the favourable impression it creates. The landlords are willing to consider lets of floors, or wings, or floors within wings of the building. As a whole, Kingsgate House offers 12,622 sq ft.

“A major refurbishment programme has just been completed and the offices have the benefit of 77 car parking spaces.”