Government Review of UK Waste Policy Launched
Date of Article
Aug 02 2010

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Following the earlier announcement by Caroline Spelman MP of her intention to review national waste policy, that review has now been launched, with an open call for evidence on steps towards a zero waste economy.  Businesses, households and local authorities have all been asked to contribute their views.

The review will look at policies needed to reduce the amount of waste generated and to maximise reuse and recycling, while also considering how waste policies affect local communities, individual households and businesses.

Some areas that will be covered by the review include

•    How voluntary ‘Responsibility Deals’ with businesses can play a role in waste reduction and more efficient use of resources;
•    How best to encourage and incentivise individuals, businesses and communities to produce less waste and recycle more;
•    How government can work with local councils to increase the frequency and quality of rubbish collections;
•    Future infrastructure needs, including the role of energy from waste and anaerobic digestion; and
•    How business and household waste is collected, sorted and recycled.

Contributions are requested via the DEFRA website here -

Paul Malam, Partner in the firms Minerals & Waste Management team commented

“We have been monitoring these developments with interest since their announcement by Caroline Spelman at this years Futuresource event, and have already reported on our support for the need for review.  As in many areas of UK business, planning and policy red tape is putting a stranglehold on development and desire to invest.   Waste Management technology is at a very new, vibrant and exciting point in its history and if the review can assist in promoting investment this can only be a good thing

Energy from waste policy in particular needs “joining up” if we are to compete on a European level.  We feel that, generally speaking,  the UK is seen as an attractive location to invest for Waste Management and have noted increased interest from Europe in this regard.  The current framework is not quite there though, and the planning system is seen as a major hurdle.  Get this right, and we could quickly see this area of business blossom.”

For more information, visit the Defra website, or speak to Paul.