Oxfordshire New Homes - Price Rises in 2010
Date of Article
Dec 10 2009

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The latest new homes research report by Carter Jonas' Research Team suggests new homes in Oxfordshire could command a premium in 2010

Carter Jonas' unique research suggests that new homes in Oxfordshire are set to continue to increase in average price into 2010, indicating a steady recovery from the turbulent market of the last eighteen months. Prospects for 2010 as a whole are good, enabling developers bringing homes to market in the next six months or so to command a price premium.

“There are signs that demand is steadily increasing in all areas of the county,” says Sara Parker, regional manager for Carter Jonas New Homes.  “Housebuilders, who have put much on hold in the last year or so, should take a look at their development pipelines and seriously consider bringing forward those sites that will address short or imbalanced supply.”

The study, the first of its kind in the county, analyses trends across the whole of the new homes market in Oxfordshire and gives projections for 2010.  Its findings observe an upward pressure on prices that is being sustained by a restricted development pipeline and a steady increase in demand. 

Ten geographical areas of the county are analysed, six in Oxford City (City Centre, Cowley, Headington, Botley and Cumnor) and four in the county (north, south, east and west Oxfordshire): more details on the key trends and projections can be found summarised here.