Strong Demand for Straw at Newbury Auction
Date of Article
Dec 09 2009

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Carter Jonas conducted its 60th December Sale of Hay and Straw, comprising some 1,750 tonnes, on Thursday 3 December at Newbury Rugby Club.

Recent wet weather had increased demand and there was a good company of buyers from the traditional buying areas of Wales and the South-West, and even a buyer from Northern Ireland was present.

The sale illustrated that the premium for small ‘pick-up’ bales has narrowed, due to the handling and haulage costs. 8’ long rectangular bales were the most favoured, with no round bales offered for sale at all.

Simon Cottle of Melksham topped the hay trade with his D4000 bales of meadow hay, which realised £110 per tonne (£27 per bale). Hay in large bales ranged from £58 to £110 per tonne, reflecting quality, to average at £93 per tonne. There were few lots of small bales of hay in the sale, with these selling for £2-£3 per bale.

There was a consistent strong trade for straw, particularly wheat and barley, with buyer’s order books starting to fill with the winter ahead. Chris Read at Barton Stacey near Winchester topped the sale with his Mini-Heston bales of barley achieving £75 per tonne (£18.75 per bale). Barley straw ranged from £46 to £75 per tonne, to average at £59, with a total clearance of big bales. Small bales topped at £1.60 per bale. Wheat straw ranged from £40 to £58 per tonne to average at £46 with small bales also topping at £1.60 per bale.

Full results of the auction can be viewed here.
The next sale is due to be held on Thursday 21 January 2010 at Newbury Rugby Club.