Market comment – Get Moving campaign
Date of Article
Feb 15 2012

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The property scene is a tale of two markets at present says property agent David Mackenzie, residential partner at the Bath office of national consultants Carter Jonas.
In the town market we have large numbers of buyers looking for city centre houses and apartments. The activity is high and buyers are either investors, school movers, or people in rented accommodation who are now wanting to get back on the ladder before prices go back up too quickly.

In the country house market prices have come down and few buyers are looking for family bases in remote rural positions.

It is actually a great time to buy as prices are very attractive indeed. I would urge people not to be put off by properties that have been on the market for a long time.

There is every chance a good purchase can be made and the fact that it has been on the market for a while rarely means there is anything wrong with a property.

Mr Mackenzie is based at Carter Jonas’ Wood Street office where he also has responsibility for the lettings team headed by Sharon Hunter. We have many people on our register looking for property in BA1 and BA2.

My advice to anyone unsure about getting onto the property ladder, or indeed moving up the ladder, is to come and talk to us, discover what is on the market in their price range  and to keep their options open.