Hay reaches record prices at Newbury sale
Date of Article
Jan 21 2011

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Demand for barley straw remains strong

Carter Jonas’s farm auction team report an exceptional trade for hay and barley straw at their 60th annual January Newbury Hay & Straw Sale. Some 108 lots totalling over 2,000 tonnes were on offer on farms throughout southern England.

Martin Bodman of Urchfont near Devizes topped the sale with his conventional bales of exceptional Ryegrass Hay taken from a first year ley which made to £275 per tonne (£7.07 per bale). It is destined for the racing stables. Simon Cottle of Melksham made £200 per tonne for his large bales of Mixture Hay (£58 per bale). Tim Pearce of Hungerford made £200 per tonne (£5 per bale) for his organic mixture hay. Round bales of hay made to £30 per bale.

Barley straw continued to sell well with prices slightly higher than in earlier sales. John Liddiard Farms of Great Shefford near Hungerford topped the trade at £90 per tonne (£28.75 per bale) for his Quadrant bales. Barley ranged from £72 to £90 per tonne averaging £84. Conventional bales to £1.75.

Wheat straw met a fair trade although some lots were unsold. John Capes of Andover topped the sale at £77 per tonne (£23 per bale) for his MF2160 bales. Wheat ranged from £42 to £77 per tonne averaging £61 overall.

Oat straw proved difficult to sell. Wrapped bales of grass silage to £17 per bale.

Simon Pallett, auctioneer, commented “Recent harsh weather and restricted supply ensured that demand for hay and barley straw remained very strong with a good company of buyers from Wales, the south-west and home counties. Wheat straw is more plentiful with bales made in early August before the rain commanding a premium. Oat and small bales of straw are proving hard to sell.’

The Late Winter sale is on 10 March.