Right sites so crucial to support Government’s housing industry hopes
Date of Article
Jan 24 2012

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The identification of the right sites and the ability to bring them forward for housing as quickly as possible will be crucial to fulfilling the Government’s strategy for boosting housing and home ownership, say the new homes experts at Peterborough property consultancy, Carter Jonas.

The comment comes after the Government unveiled its housing strategy towards the end of last year (November 2011), in which it acknowledged that, when the housing market grinds to a halt, the effect ricochets around the economy affecting all the trades and professional services and supporting business that depend on a housing market that is moving.

In the strategy, a £400 million fund was allocated to kick-start building and to unlock the mortgage market, with targeted help for first-time buyers.

While welcoming the Government’s announcement and, in particular, its identification of the fact that building more homes will help create more jobs, Carter Jonas’s development and new homes specialists in Peterborough are saying that, in this area, the identification of the right sites is crucial to fulfilling the Government’s hopes for the market.

Michael Hudson, a partner of the firm who, on the development side underpins the new homes sales operation of the Peterborough office which is headed by senior associate Zoe Davies, believes that proximity to London and a favourable price comparison with other commutable locations further south in the country, are the key characteristics of the brand new homes markets in Peterborough and the surrounding villages.

He also believes that this area’s appeal will only strengthen in the coming years, if the right sites are identified.

“On the sales side, Zoe and her colleagues confirm that there is always strong interest in any new homes development launched for sale in our patch and this interest has been maintained through the toughest of markets.

“On my side of the business, developers’ interest in the area has been sustained throughout this time too and many are actively returning to the land market to seek suitable sites they know will attract buyers in the coming years.

“To meet the Government’s hopes for the housing market, it’s important that a policy context is created – locally and nationally - to bring forward the right sites in the right locations with the right product and mix of homes to have a package in which developers and housebuyers have confidence.

“After all, on a business level, it is the developers who are the real experts at knowing what their customers want and what the market will bear at any one time.”