Response statement to Property Week magazine's inaccurate reporting of Carter Jonas' turnover
Date of Article
Jun 20 2014

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20 June 2014, Today Property Week magazine published its Agency 2014 survey which analysed the financial results of the UK and global property consultancies, and ranked them by turnover.
Property Week made an error in our turnover figure, reporting that our turnover for the year ended 30 April 2014 was £27.2 million, when in fact, we provided them with the correct figure of £37.2 million.
Therefore, our ranking in the league table shows that we have slipped from 15th place last year to 17th – this is incorrect.
By their calculations, our turnover was down 20.5% rather than up by 8% to £37.2 million from £34.2million.
Property Week has apologised unreservedly.
Property Week has agreed to update the league table on their website, and will issue a correction online and in next week's magazine.
Our correct turnover figure results in Carter Jonas remaining the 15th largest property consultancy by UK turnover.

Visit the Agency 2014: Growth forecast table.

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