Market Thoughts: Picture perfect
Date of Article
Jun 11 2015

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11 June 2015, June is in full bloom and, arguably, our beautiful county is looking at its best. The majority of vendors feel that now is the best time to sell as their properties are at their most appealing and I doubt that there are many agents who would disagree.

Warmer days, longer nights, the trees in leaf, flowers in bloom and lawns nicely greening-up do all help towards the perfect picture but what else should you do?

The easy answer is to step back and critically analyse your own property from the start. If you can see something that is less than appealing, you can almost guarantee that eagle-eyed buyers will do as well, so you may be well advised to put it right.

On that basis, take advice from a professional agent about what level it is sensible to go to.

Buyers like to see that a home has been loved and cared for. Peeling paint and leaking gutters may sow a seed of doubt in their mind that could lead them to go for the next property they see that is neat and tidy.

However, an old kitchen or bathroom may not be as much of a problem as you fear. There are still many buyers who would prefer to buy a property that needs work and improvement.

Replacing dated, style-specific fittings will often be considered a positive for buyers who'd prefer not to buy a house with a newly replaced 'warehouse' kitchen only to have to re-do that to a quality and style that they would prefer. Better to throw out old than new and in looking at a house with a newly re-vamped kitchen, buyers will feel that they are the ones paying for it.

I'm often asked about windows: Do you change them or not? The answer is down to how much work will be required overall. If the house needs new windows throughout then it would most likely be sensible to let the buyers choose how they'd like to do that. If there are 2 or 3 blown double glazed units that would benefit from being able to see clearly through, if you can, replace them.

All in all treat others as you'd expect to be treated yourself. First impressions count so presentation is important. De-clutter but don't sterilise - you are selling a home and buyers are looking to buy the lifestyle that comes with it.

Clear the washing-up away and put away the laundry - remember lifestyle. Mow the lawns and clean the windows - your efforts will be appreciated but don't over-stress about it. If you are selling a home it will be recognised that it isn't a showhome and life goes on.

A picture paints a thousand words so, hopefully, your agent will be able to find a buyer who likes your picture.