Super Straw Trade at Newbury Sale
Date of Article
Mar 12 2010

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Carter Jonas, Auctioneers of Newbury report on good demand at the late winter sale held at Newbury Rugby Club on 11 March.

The continuing cold weather has delayed grass growth with many farmers still some way off from turning out cattle to pasture.

Capes (Hatherden) Limited topped the straw trade with their Claas 2160 bales achieving £26.20/bale (£87/tonne). Barley straw in ranged from £68 to £87 per tonne, averaging £78 per tonne.

Puckshipton Farms of Marden, Devizes topped the Wheat Straw trade with NHD1010 bales making £20/bale (£70/tonne). Prices ranged from £56 to £70 to average at £64/tonne.

The hay trade was mixed with small bales ranging from £1.69/bale to £3.50/bale. Tim Pearce of Chilton Foliat, Hungerford sold organic ley hay to £3.50/bale.