Carter Jonas Energy Index ranks UK onshore renewable energy technologies
Date of Article
Nov 20 2013

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London, 21 November 2013, National property consultancy Carter Jonas today launches its second Energy Index, a report which aims to clarify the ever evolving sector to a wide range of investors, land-owners, developers and owner operators. 

Carter Jonas’ specialist energy and marine team are actively involved with advising on a range of projects, varying from farm-scale technologies to the largest utility scale projects for landowners, developers and investors across the country. 

The objective of the index is to rank the main onshore renewable energy technologies; anaerobic digestion (AD), biomass heating, hydroelectric power, solar PV and wind energy across a level playing field. The key variables include:

• Development timeframe
• Rate of planning approval,
• Cost of installation
• Annual operating costs
• Impact of the relevant financial support mechanism.

The index also provides a concise summary and analysis of risk associated with each onshore renewable technology. It underlines the importance of having a thorough understanding of the sector.

The 50kW Solar PV rooftop scheme is ranked first in the Energy Index, driven by a very short development timeframe and minimal operating costs, despite the relative inefficiency of the technology. This scheme also benefits significantly from the financial support mechanism.  Biomass and hydroelectric schemes rank a close second and third position.
Commenting on the index, Andrew Watkin, head of Carter Jonas’s energy & marine team, said:

“The UK renewable energy sector is a fast-paced and often volatile industry. Our index provides a benchmark by which these main onshore renewable technologies can be assessed across a level playing field. It is however, essential to note that the sector is driven by site specifics, with each potential scheme comprising different risks and opportunities.  The combination of both these calculations ensures a financially viable and sustainable scheme”.

“The fact remains that successful onshore renewable energy projects continue to offer significant opportunities for property owners, communities, commercial developers, utilities and investors.”

“With strength and depth of expertise across the industry, our team of specialists are well placed to advise on every aspect of the project lifecycle from initial screening, planning, funding, construction & sale.”

Download the Energy Index here