Market Thoughts: Time of the season
Date of Article
Oct 09 2014

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09 October 2014, One of the most frequently asked questions of an agent is ‘when is the best time to sell?’

In the past, there were traditional peaks in the spring and autumn. However, as time has moved on, the peaks have flattened and the market has become more evenly spread over the year. There are still the fallow periods in the run up to Christmas but that has always been the case.

Nowadays though, a sensibly priced house should sell at virtually any time of the year provided it is presented in a professional manner. In a couple of weeks’ time the clocks change and minds will inevitably turn towards the New Year. Now is the time to begin planning - whether buying or selling.

Building a rapport with an established agent is an essential first step to get a feel of what is really happening in the market because it is so important not to believe everything you read in the national newspapers and hear on the news.

Interestingly, in the last few years there has been a real surge in January and February with numerous properties being introduced into the market and a rush of calls from purchasers who have decided this is the year to move.

In order to capitalise on this upswing, it is vital that the groundwork is put in now so that photographs can be taken before the weather really turns and brochures prepared in readiness for an early launch in 2015.

When it comes to planning ahead, we have noticed an increase in one group of buyers, in particular, who are looking even further down the line. A number of people living in significant houses which have been their homes for many years are acquiring smaller, character properties in our most desirable villages and market towns even though they may not be wanting to move in for some time. This is real forward thinking – buying when they see just what they want, rent it out and then it is available when required.

The General Election in May could cause a temporary blip but there is every reason to believe the early months of 2015 will see a brisk trade. So now is the time for preparation in order to capitalise on it.