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Assemble your teams - beat the cycle of youth homelessness and sign up for Tour de LandAid sponsored by Carter Jonas.

Inspired by the Tour de France, the Tour de LandAid starts on 1 July, lasts for 23 days, and sees teams of up to six people cycle as far as possible during the Tour de France. All the teams and participants will compete to win a variety of trophies, including the furthest distance and elevation. 

Participation in Tour de LandAid will have a positive impact on youth homelessness by raising awareness of the severity of the issue as well as raising money to help support those in need. We hope to see our staff contribute to this worthy and impactful cause! 
Paul Morrish, Chief Executive of LandAid, said: “Youth homelessness continues to be massive problem in the UK, with 122,000 young people in the last year alone approaching their local authority for help because they were at risk of losing their home, but it’s a problem that the property industry is uniquely equipped to help support. 
“Today as we launch the LandAid 10k and Tour de LandAid, we are calling upon as many people in the industry as possible to run, walk or cycle with us, to raise funds to go towards projects and charities focusing on solutions to youth homelessness. 
“Whether you are competitive, want to try something new, or just want to some more exercise, this is a great opportunity to get involved this summer and help create meaningful social change.

Mark Granger, Chief Executive, Carter Jonas, said: “We have been working with LandAid for nearly ten years, supporting its team in their incredible work to end youth homelessness and better understand the difficulties that so many young people are facing today.

“I am always overwhelmed by the sheer number of colleagues, clients, friends and people from across our community who step up each year to help raise money for this great cause, be it in person or online. We are proud to be able to contribute to this collective achievement, which is why we have partnered with LandAid once again, sponsoring Tour de LandAid. 

“As a much-loved pastime of so many in the property sector, cycling has proved to be a fantastic way to raise vital funds whilst allowing us to partake in some friendly competition!

Find out more about Tour de LandAid and sign up!