Webinar: Refloating the Arc - Is the concept of the Arc harming or aiding the delivery of housing?
Mar 11
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Mar 11
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Join us virtually on Thursday 11 March as we consider the impact of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc on the delivery of housing, addressing whether the concept is harming or aiding housing delivery targets for the region. 


This is an especially timely webinar in light of the recent announcement by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, which outlined an ambitious plan to create a spatial strategy for delivery of the Arc.

To begin the event, our Head of Planning & Development, Colin Brown, will analyse how housing is currently delivered in the Arc corridor, including recent housing numbers. He will also consider how the Arc proposals may impact the process going forward. 

To follow, Francis Truss, a Partner and strategic land specialist, will address recent trends within the region and future pipeline. He will outline the potential to accelerate delivery, looking at growth deals and direct government intervention.

To conclude our discussion, Catriona Riddell, Director at Catriona Riddell & Associates, will address a series of essential questions, each one taking into account the fact that the Arc has been around as a concept for decades with successive governments highlighting its economic potential. A key area she will explore is the relationship between Central and Local Government, addressing the need for a long term ‘place-based’ approach to growth which is not just about housing delivery.

All thoughts presented are supported by our latest research report, Refloating the Arc. As the full research will not be released until March 2021, this is an exclusive opportunity to preview our findings. 

The session will end with a short Q&A and you are invited to submit questions either when you register or during the webinar.