Carter Jonas Awarded Clear Assured Bronze Standard
Date of Article
Nov 03 2021

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Carter Jonas has recently achieved Bronze Standard in Clear Assured, a globally recognised inclusion standard, for its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Clear Assured Bronze Standard is awarded to businesses that have shown that diversity and inclusion are reflected across all policies and processes. It marks a move beyond compliance towards a cultural shift where diversity and inclusion are well on the way to becoming embedded in the day-to-day experiences of colleagues.  

Anna Mäkinen, Head of Clear Assured, commented: “Achieving Bronze is a great milestone for Carter Jonas, demonstrating its ambition to apply an intersectional D&I lens to their policies and practice across the employee lifecycle.”

Clear Assured, the global Diversity and Inclusion Standard, is a D&I web application that provides organisations with the D&I expertise and direction needed to support their appetite for authentic and fundamental culture change.  Containing the Clear Company’s knowledge, rigorous processes, and understanding of what works, the Global Standard is regularly updated with the latest thinking and directs users to activity with proven benefit. With its continuous improvement approach, consistent progression is dependent on a passion to instigate change and challenge current thinking.

Claire Matthews, Head of HR, Carter Jonas said: “Removing barriers in our policies and processes is a key focus of our EDI strategy, and we are so pleased to have achieved such a positive endorsement from Clear Assured within four months of signing up. The HR team, together with the Carter Jonas EDI Network and our senior management team, will now be working with Clear Assured as we look to attain even greater standards of excellence in our approach.”