Cardigan Sand and Gravel Company Limited is a family run business, established in 1959.  They operate a single quarry, Penparc Quarry from which they supply a wide range of washed and graded sand to the construction, sports field, equine and farming industries. They have developed a reputation for supplying difficult-to-find sands to tight specifications.

The Company propose to develop a small extension to the existing Penparc Quarry, located approximately 2.9 kilometres from Cardigan, in Ceredigion, West Wales. The extension area, extending to 0.6 hectares, comprises an area of rough grazing and scrubland, will release c. 595,000 tonnes of sand and gravel.

The area will be worked as an extension to the existing quarry and restored as part of the wider quarry at low level to agriculture and nature conservation uses. More information on how the site will be worked and restored can be found in the Planning Supporting Statement and are illustrated on the Phasing Drawings.

Specialist assessments have been undertaken to consider the potential impact of the development on local residents and the environment. The results of these assessments are presented in the Ecological, Noise and Air Quality Reports.

Penparc Quarry

We are consulting on our proposals until 17 November. We want to hear your views on the proposals and to receive any suggestions that you may have. You can have your say by:

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Tamsyn qualified as a Chartered Mineral Surveyor in 2001 and subsequently specialised in the planning of mineral and waste related development. She has worked both within the industry and in a consultancy role since 1995. Tamsyn has a widen range of experience in planning for mineral and waste related developments. This has included the development of both new sites and extensions to existing sites. Has covered a range of mineral types; brick clay, sand and gravel, and differing waste types; inert and non-inert. Involved value added plant, such as concrete batching plants, and differing technologies, such as recycling, biomass generation and composting, as well as ancillary developments, such as vehicles workshops and gas extraction plants. She has experience of taking planning decisions through the planning appeals process, reviewing old mineral planning permissions (ROMPs), retrospective planning applications, and the discharge of planning conditions. She has project managed a number of Environmental Impact Assessments; involving seeking screening opinions, agreeing the scope of the assessment, drawing together the technical reports, and writing chapters for the Environmental Statement and Non Technical Summary. Tamsyn has managed teams of consultants, negotiated with planning authorities, members of the public and landowners, together with liaison with and accountability to clients. Her clients have ranged from multinational organisations down to small family run enterprises.
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