Do you have an interest in land within North Somerset?
Date of Article
Apr 06 2022
Planning & development

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North Somerset Council is currently preparing a new Local Plan, which will guide development in the Borough for a 15-year period from 2023-2038.

Following earlier consultations on ‘Challenges’ (Summer 2020) and ‘Choices’ (Autumn 2022), the Council has now published its ‘Preferred Options’ and is seeking comments.

The consultation document includes a full draft version of the new Local Plan, including strategic and development management policies. The Council is now at a comparatively advanced stage of its Local Plan preparation, with this consultation forming the last opportunity for public comment before the Council issues its pre-submission (Regulation 19) draft in November 2022.

The headline issue of this consultation is the Council’s decision to propose sites for 18,046 homes, only 90% of the Government’s target of 20,805 homes.

The deadline for submission is 5.00pm on Friday 29th April 2022.

There are limited opportunities left to shape and realise the development potential of your land in North Somerset.

If you would like to speak to our professionals about the potential of your land, please contact:

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