Carter Jonas provides building surveying and project management services that are vital to maintaining safe healthcare facilities.

Working closely with each client, our surveyors and project managers role focuses on the need to deliver facilities that can achieve the required level of clinical compliance demanded to allow business activities. 

Our professionals play a key part in engaging with local communities and life science parks to make sure we thoroughly understand the sector we operate within. We have a dedicated healthcare team that works with the NHS and across the private sector.

The building consultancy services we provide within the healthcare sector include: 

  • Project management
  • Strategic procurement
  • Programme management
  • Pre-acquisition surveys
  • Measured building surveys 
  • Architectural design services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Party wall matters
  • Schedules of condition
  • Employer’s agent
  • Landlord/tenant representative (licences to alter)
  • Building pathology/defects diagnosis
  • Planned preventative maintenance/condition surveys
  • Dilapidations
  • Insurance reinstatement cost assessments

Key challenges we believe the healthcare sector is facing today

The NHS has one of the biggest, oldest and most energy intensive estates in the country. We understand that adopting green building strategies and helping to reduce healthcare’s carbon footprint is one of the organisations key priorities. Many hospital buildings consume considerable energy, and sustainable design is essential in reducing the consumption of natural resources and limiting a facility’s life cycle costs. It is vital that the principles of lean design are applied to minimise waste of all types. With regards to renewable energy, AV charging points and a better sustainable renewable strategy, our experts can advise.

From medical staff, civic leaders and the public, support is key. Especially from those on the ground who aid the healthcare sector every day. Our professionals understand the issues within healthcare, realising that procuring the right team to design and construct clinical facilities is crucial. Most importantly we listen to those who are involved in the project all the times, always wanting the learn more.
Hospitals are constantly changing. Wards can become GP stations and then revert to waiting rooms. Prior to any design commencing, understanding how the facilities of any healthcare premises will be utilised by stakeholders is key, especially appreciating how equipment should be used. Our experts can study practical solutions, ensuring space is flexible and compliant, and long-term considerations are deliberated. 
Care of patients is always the number one concern and should be considered at every stage of property exploration. Our experts liaise with all contributors and suppliers throughout any project to make sure any disruption is kept to a minimum.

Our professionals appreciate that any property works could, if not handled correctly, have a drastic effect on the long-term health of patients via dust or mess. Which is why, we consider infection control constantly throughout any project

Why choose Carter Jonas services within the healthcare sector?

Our building consultancy professionals are located in Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds and London, and offer extensive healthcare advice across England and Wales.

We have considerable experience of advising on all types of buildings, including complex old and listed properties. Our project managers and surveyors undertake condition surveys, historic building consent and specify repair works to give a realistic assessment of the likely cost of all works. Working alongside our architects and project managers who manage refurbishment and new build work for healthcare facilities, we can also provide a budget for full refurbishment. 

We recognise that property directors prefer one point of contact. Therefore, for all services, our lead surveyors ensure that they see all the buildings even when maintenance inspections have already been carried out by colleagues, to provide a consistent assessment of priorities. Our surveyors can then deliver all healthcare facilities with an authoritative overview of the condition of their estate. 

When professionals in other divisions of our firm are involved – such as Red Book valuers, planning and development advisors or landlord and tenant surveyors – their advice is also channelled through the same contact. We quantify costs at the outset, appreciating that fixed priced quotations for works are important for budgeting purposes.

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