The Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) is a new overarching government grant funding scheme for farmers, foresters, and land management. It is based on the principle of public money for public goods and, unlike BPS, it will no longer subsidise farmers for food production. 

It is split into three components that increase in complexity as you progress up the levels:

Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI)

The most basic component of ELMS, the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) will financially reward farmers for employing environmentally sustainable land management practices. It will be split into different standards, with each standard relating to different aspects of land and farming.

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Local Nature Recovery

Local Nature Recovery will pay farmers to change their current practices and make space for nature. Its aims to manage and create wildlife habitats, add trees and hedgerows, restore peatland and wetlands and restore coastal habitats.

Agreements will last seven years with the ability to add options and extra land during the agreement. Although designed for individual farmers, it will encourage collaboration with neighbours. It will be tested in 2023 and rolled out in 2024, but more detail is required, which should be released later this year.

Countryside Stewardship scheme should be regarded as a bridge to Local Nature Recovery.

We will publish more information on Local Nature Recovery once it is announced by the government.

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Landscape Recovery 

Landscape Recovery is even bigger in scale and longer-term than Local Nature Recovery (sites from 500 ha to 5,000 ha and potentially involving 20-year agreements).

It will support more radical change to land use – for example by establishing nature reserves, restoring floodplains, or creating woodlands and wetlands. It is likely to involve a responsible body to monitor progress over time. Pilot schemes will be stablished this year, using two central themes (threatened native species recovery; and restoring waterbodies and improving water quality).

We will publish more information on Local Nature Recovery once it is announced by the government.

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The Farming Investment Fund (FIF)

The Farming Investment Fund (FIF) is the strand of ELMS focussed on grants for capital expenditure, and it provides grants to enhance both farming productivity and the environment. 

It comprises the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund and the Farming Transformation Fund. 

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