Schools and colleges must comply with a vast range of legislative requirements to ensure the safety of their students, visitors and those who work in their buildings and grounds. State-of-the art facilities are needed to attract the parents of prospective students and ensure future success. 

Our building surveyors and project managers offer educational organisations a professional overview to help maintain high quality building portfolios as well as understand wider a field what is important both short and longer term. Whether primary, secondary, further, or higher education, our project managers have led teams to deliver a range of services to the education sector – from new build, remodelling, and refurbishment. 

Our specialists understand the importance of minimising disruption to students and staff during works, which requires high levels of management and collaboration from all members of the team. Where possible, works are planned to take place outside of the typical school day to mitigate the impact on delivering the curriculum. Where not possible, works are undertaken during holidays periods.

We understand the challenges within the education sector and are able to assist in overcoming problems with communication and organisation. Our specialists are also used to working with departments across large areas and various geographical locations.

Key challenges we believe the education sector is facing today

The biggest problem facing schools is a lack of space. Do they give up expensive land, often used for sports and recreational purposes, to build new classrooms? Or do they reuse their current estate to maximise space? Our professionals help schools to unlock and understand underutilised areas or navigate the planning process to build upwards instead of outwards.

How do we future proof schools and importantly how do we create environments that could be let? Also, how can schools utilise summer and spring breaks? Our professionals can help in answering these essential questions.

Understanding the flow and focus of schools is essential. Bottlenecks and general wear and tear can be caused because of a lack of consideration. Being mindful of activity and communal spaces for staff and students to interact and support each other is key. If you have questions on building layouts, out professionals can advise. 

Our professionals understand that budgets are tight most of the time. We can help highlight where and how revenue can be maximised for the best return. How do you prioritise health and safety over immediate concerns or possible revenue generating facilities? Our experts can advise. 

Understanding that education needs change and so do property the requirements is essential. Will energy requirements support IT infrastructure in ten years’ time? What about acoustics and maintenance? Could a new room exist next to an art and drama department that has had to move? Our professionals can advise on these questions.

How do you renew and invigorate old spaces? Can you remove walls that could make way for bigger or brighter spaces? What about bringing listed buildings in line with new EPC standards? How can schools be set-up to accommodate external revenue generation? Our professionals can advise on all these questions.

How can estates be set-up to reduce maintenance and ever-increasing energy costs? What about EV charging points or renewable energy such as solar power in the roofs? Can the current structure of buildings sustain growth for in ten years’ time? With the UK government’s objectives around sustainability and carbon neutral buildings, how do we create cost effective and energy neutral buildings that create funds instead of draining them? Our professionals can advise on these questions.

With traditional build taking upwards of six to twelve months and impacting on the day-to-day running of a school, our professionals can aid in exploring faster modular building methods as well as concluding what is best for each individual client. 

According to RIBA's analysis of government figures published in 2015, only 5% of 60,000 buildings in 18,000 schools surveyed in England were in top condition, performing as intended and operating efficiently. Our professionals work with all parties involved to make sure our client’s schools fit within the 5%.

Why choose Carter Jonas services within the education sector?

Our building consultancy professionals are located in Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds and London. Together our teams offer educational property advice across England and Wales. 

The building consultancy services we provide to the education sector include:

  • Building surveying
  • Condition surveys
  • Listed building consent
  • Project management 
  • Cost consultancy 
  • Planned preventive maintenance
  • Reinstatement cost assessment 

We have extensive experience of advising on all types of buildings, including complex old and listed properties. Our project managers and surveyors undertake condition surveys, historic building consent and specify repair works to give a realistic assessment of the likely cost of all works. Working alongside our architects and project managers who manage refurbishment and new build work for schools and colleges, we can also provide a budget for full refurbishment.


We recognise that property directors and bursars prefer one point of contact. Therefore, for all our education services, our lead surveyors ensure that they see all the buildings even when maintenance inspections have already been carried out by colleagues, to provide a consistent assessment of priorities. Our surveyors can then deliver authoritative overview of the condition of the estate.

When professionals in other divisions of our firm are involved – such as Red Book valuers, planning and development advisors or landlord and tenant surveyors – their advice is also channelled through the same contact. We quantify costs at the outset, appreciating that fixed priced quotations are important for budgeting purposes.


Richard Love is a Partner, Head of Building Surveying in our London Commercial Team. Richard joined from Watts Group PLC where he worked since 2010, most recently as director in it's project consultancy group. Richard's role is to provide building consultancy services, including relocation management, contract administration, design, strategic procurement and conservation advice with our clients.

Career Highlights:

Ealing Town Hall:
Full external restoration of Grade II Listed Victorian Gothic town hall building. The project arose from a survey identifying incidences of dangerous stonework and the project incorporated extensive masonry repairs, reroofing, redecorations, stained glass replacement, access improvements and drainage improvements.  Works on site were delivered over an eight month period during which the town hall remained fully operational.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists HQ Relocation:
Project management services in respect of all aspects of the HQ relocation for this prestigious medical college.  The relocation centred around moving into a 50,000sq ft 1980’s office building and delivered a comprehensive strip out and refurbishment including the creating of canteen and catering facilities, conference space, library including antique book collection and sublet space.  The relocation was delivered in 9 months (inception to completion) and Richard also handled dilapidations matters on exit.

Career developments
Being appointed to the board overseeing the expansion of the Carter Jonas Commercial Division, which took place in early 2017. Also, managing the expansion of the Architecture and Building Consultancy team. The service line has doubled the number of specialists working within it in the last two years, becoming the largest team within the division. Further growth plans are currently in place for the next few years.

I can provide advice on:
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Matthew is a Chartered Building Surveyor in the Chapel Place office. Matthew has undertaken various Building Surveying services to a diverse portfolio of clients, including Royal Mail, Salvation Army, Winchester Working Men’s Housing Society, Aurora Fashions and Network Rail.

His primary skills cover: Schedules of Work, Schedules of Condition, Party Wall matters, Planned Maintenance Repair and Refurbishment Contracts of various properties, Schedules of Dilapidations, Insurance Valuations , Fire Insurance Valuations, Contract Administration, Defect Diagnosis and Prognosis, Statutory Consents, Budget Costs and Pre-acquisition survey.

Career Highlights:

  • Shortlisted for Young Surveyor of the year in 2016.
  • Leading on Party Wall matters for whole Thameslink project over 5 year period.
  • Defending dilapidations claim on behalf of Tenant, resulting in a reduction of the Landlord’s claim from £4.9m to £1.45m
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Career Highlights:

  • Securing a portfolio insurance assessment in 2016 for over 150 assets in Greater London and Scotland.
  • Delivering a £700,000 CAT B fit out to fifth floor offices on Paternoster Square overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral in the Summer of 2015. 
  • Providing Lead Consultancy advice to major financial institution for CAT A refurbishment of 20,000 sqft offices in central Bath.
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Matthew Ellams is head of our project management team. He has considerable experience within the sector and has worked across a wide range of projects, servicing many different types of clients.

I can provide advice on:

Keith is a Partner in the commercial team and is based out of our Cambridge office.

I can provide advice on:

Career Highlights:

  • Project Management of the UK’s first retrospective fire pressurisation system on Grade II* listed tower building.
  • Conservation and Restoration of Grade II* listed 18thC Summerhouse.
  • Award Winning Conversion and Refurbishment of a Grade II listed farmhouse and range of traditional barns into a mixed use development.
I can provide advice on:

Keith is a Partner in the commercial team and is based out of our Cambridge office.

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