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Carter Jonas’s Regeneration, Retail and Town Centre Consultancy Team prepared a NPPF-compliant retail strategy for Nottingham City, Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe Councils in 2015.

The Retail Strategy reviewed and assessed the quantitative and qualitative need for new retail (comparison and convenience goods) floor space across each local authority area and the main city and town centres over short, medium and long term. The study was underpinned by a comprehensive telephone interview survey of over 2,000 households, and a health check of the main centres in the Greater Nottingham area; including Nottingham City, Bulwell, Beeston and Arnold.

Based on current shopping patterns and expenditure flows, the study modeled the implications of major new housing allocations and population growth on the scale, format and location of new retail development. It also evaluated the existing network and hierarchy of retail centres and, where necessary, recommended changes to their position within the hierarchy based on past trends and predicted growth.

The study has established the robust and coherent evidence-base needed by each local planning authority to help inform future plan making and development management decisions, and identify priorities for action planning and investment.